12.13.14: a date of progress, a moment of tears




To say yesterday was memorable is an understatement. To see hundreds quickly grow into thousands then into tens of thousands was inspiring. To know that people will no longer stand for injustices that are ever-present in this country is encouraging. To hear white, black, brown, young, old, male, female voices unified in the shout for change stirred hope. But what was most moving was to see the emotions. The anger, the tears, the frustration, the joy, the humanity.

One moment in particular stands out. As we marched down 5th Avenue I caught eyes with a black woman who had tears running down her face. She embraced the moment and continued her eye contact, as if to silently share the origin of those tears. Listening with my eyes, I heard and felt her overwhelming promise that this march symbolized. The hope that the thousands who joined her in her desire for justice and equal treatment represented. #Progress.



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