Last night with Jill Scott

I’ve never been to a live Jill Scott show, although, I have seen her perform live in Philly, but it was not a show per-say, but more of a freestyle “shedding” session. So when I received the invite to Jill Scott’s listening performance at Dominion, I became as excited as New Yorkers are for the spring. Dominion was as intimate as a venue can get, other than the Box. As you enter the premises, you are welcomed by a long hall way with lounge couches to your left and a bar to your right. The decor was enhanced by beautiful displays of Jill’s album art, all hanging on the walls of the venue. The music was jumping and the conversations were flowing, especially since there was open bar Grey Goose. YESSIR! At events like these you meet some of the most interesting and determined people you can encounter in New York and it is a true inspiration to take part.

As the proceedings began and Jill took the stage, you were immediately lifted by her smile and energized by her aura. There was a literal glow of joy surrounding her that seeped into the pores of the crowd and created a sense of calm and peace. She is as personable as she is talented. She has an uncanny organic ability to become your best friend in the moments you share with her, or at least she makes it seem that way. It didn’t feel like a performance, but it felt as if you and her grew up as kids and this “performance” was a Guys/Girls night out and she was getting you up to speed on her life. Her performance, vocals, and connection was effortless and incredible. Let me tell you, her new album will serve as a refuge to many women and cause many men to replace their “relax” music. She called it her, “grandchild” as her first album was her “first child, but now they have had kids.” One thought that she shared with us, “friends” was that she creates music to ensure that “people do no feel alone… To allow someone to know that she is going through the same thing.” And I completely connected with her on that level. In terms of the music I create, the reason I share it is for the exact same reason, because EVERYONE has their ups and downs and ins and outs, so to share it musically is a way for all of us to connect, vent, and move on together.

Her performance of the hit, “Is it the way” not only put me in a trance/ caused me to research transcendentalism, but had the crowd of mostly women SCREAMING the lyrics and basically making it their own song! I can’t even describe the energy Jill Scott brought that spread throughout that room. If you have never seen her live, GET YOU SOME ASAP!

A beautiful night indeed.


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