Do you remember…”ehh”

michael_jacksonAs I was reading the news this morning I saw that the King of Pop will be making a comeback tour to the U.K.  Now, I must say I am probably one of the biggest fans of Michael Jackson.  My family will tell you, when I was younger I used to get all of my mother’s belts, you know those 80’s belts that had mad hoops, rings, or big gold emblems, and wear them atop my all black outfit.  Oh YES…I was Michael Jackson.  I knew all the dances, especially from his feature film, “Moonwalker” with Joe Pesci.—but wow I digress.  THE MAN IS 50 and not to mention he is more famous for his horrible nose job, child molestation, and journey down the lighter pigment scale, but less people know him for his amazing music than his negative media press.  And yes 30 is the new 20, but 50 is still just 50 and for Michael Jackson he needs to just retire.   You don’t want to end up like Heavy D or Brett Farve where your comeback hurts your legacy rather than enhances it.  But let us take a moment and remember how serious Mike was:

1.  This man had people, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, FAINTING in a crowd of thousands.  Like the ambulance had to drive through the crowd during the middle of the concert to get people out!!!

2. He is third on the list of all-time worldwide fame, second  to Obama , and third to Jesus.

3. He has as many albums sold as their are people in the United States—“its science”

and last but not least he had FOX FIVE stop PRIME TIME programming to feature this video: 


63 thoughts on “Do you remember…”ehh”

  1. this video & black or white had a multi-network world premiere on my 8th birthday…i will never forget it…nov 14th, 1991.

  2. michael jackson i love you i dont care what everybody say your the one for me. i love you so much your the best and i love you. your the one the one that made me start singing. your so amazing and i love you oh wait did i tell you that i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  3. Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.
    The world has run into one of it’s most biggest, legendary losses yet.
    You’ll never be forgotten, MJ.
    We love you.

    Michael Jackson: 1958-2009, Died on June 25th 2009.
    …I still can’t believe it.

  4. I no you feel like SHIT now for posting that BULL. All I can say is, the world will miss michael. I for one will miss him and I give my condolences to his famaily. Fuck what you hurd, He will alway be the KING OF POP.

  5. my grandma had a michael jcakon doll that she gave to me and my dad and the golden cd that he made there is a cd1 and cd2 i have of it cd1 and my dad has cd2 and i have the thriller video email me back

  6. he’s dead now.we lost our king of pop.why?
    why? you had to go and leave me alone in this world?
    no i can’t believe
    when i heard the news
    i was thinking it’s just a lie
    but then it was true
    i didn’t know what to do
    i hope you sleep peaceful
    until the end of time

    your heartbroken fan

  7. he is the king of pop universal…..
    remember time, at yesterday….. today and tomorrow…..
    …….forever…..congratulations….for have existence in we life…

    ……….we love you michael….aways longing….
    …peace for you………….

  8. Michael a little part of me died with you last night – you were my childhood and thankfully you stayed with me as I grew older – hopefully people will forget the lies and only remember the genius you were, the good you done for the world, the changes to made to the music industry – we will never see anyone like you again in this lifetime – and I am SO proud to say I am a Michael Jackson Fan & follower…

    love you see you the other side

  9. Michael i can be this?
    is this ? tan, one say it is on…., but you can go like that.

    ……….we love you michael….aways longing….
    …peace for you………….

  10. In his song(s) he asked us to leave him alone, now we can no longer enjoy this gift that was taken from us. Thank you Micheal for the many, many GOOD memories you lent to me and everyone else who enjoyed your goodness. R.I.P.

  11. May you Rest in Peace Micheal. There will be no other like you. I am 28 years old and my first memories of music is Michael Jackson. I guarentee that everyone has at least one memory of Micheal Jackson. I remember being four years old and taking his album cover and pretending I was dancing with Michael. GIRLS AND BOYS, MEN AND WOMAN WANTED TO sing like Michael, Dance like Michael, dress like Michael , People wanted to be Michael Jackson. It is sad that till his dieing day people ridiculed him and belittled him. Allegations ran wild when it came to Micheal Jackson and people baught all the lies the media put out. My heart is in shock and i know the rest of the world is in shock to.

  12. micheal i believe you where the king of music and dance and will prospiere in heavan and you looked at the man in the mirror and made a change

  13. Such a legand in dance song fashion there is really nothing he cant do he has done it all the biggest and best he can and he did it all for us the fans we are all so lucky to have been able to live in the time we do to have seen all his acomplishments he is a true treasure and will never be forgoton RIP MJ we love you we Know you are in heaven and rockin them all!!

  14. To you Michael. A well deserved and respectfull Thankyou for all you have given to us as a world.I am 47 yrs old and Though I did not know you personally, I feel as though we grew up together.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Rest well my friend,and god bless.

  15. ♥♥ God bless ♥♥ Michael Jackson the King of Pop ♥♥R.I.P. WE LUV YOU!!!! WE MISS YOU !!!! you so young die the life was to short for you….money for nuttin …the voice for all human … you was the KING OF POP never forget you …your songs ever a hymn…for all generations and following generations ………….GOD BLESS your soul.. ♥♥
    n loving memory!!!!!!!•♥• M J ..

  16. Michael Jackson Is A pure legend and will always be.. he will always be in my heart.. i know i never listened to much of my music but i stood up for him with an essay i wrote in school. he will always be the KING OF POP you will never get anyone with the same pattion in music and dancing as him. He was a living legend and will always be in our Heart love you Michael. God Bless His sole and His familys.
    I have done a video tribute to michael Jackson which i will be posting later on tonight on youtube or tomorrow cheak out the site R.I.P Michael x

  17. gracias por todo gran michael jackson. nos diste tanto y te entegamos tan poco, te deseamos lo mejor REY DEL POP unico e incomparble, en lo personal le diste sentido a mi vida; jamas te olvidaremos… tu historia tiene comienso pero no final, siempre viviras en nuestros corazones, t keremos mxo michael jackson, gran artista rey del pop…

  18. R.I.P Michael Jackson…. we all love u and we will never forget our king of pop… i still cant believe he died the world is sad… no one will replace M.J

  19. Michael we are all sad that you left early but we all know that things happen for a reason. We will miss you dearly, you will live on in many hearts especially my moms. Now you can show Jesus how to moonwalk.

  20. i too feel part of me and my childhood has died with Michael..the world has suffered a loss of talent,culture,uniqueness and loss of a musical genius let alone a beautiful soul. there will never,never be another Michael Jackson and nobody did or ever will match up to his talent..thank you Michael for what you gave to us..memories, happiness, entertainment and outstanding music! your memory will live forever through your music and although you are gone it is comforting to know the music never dies..i hope you get the respect now that you deserved always..R.I.P Michael Jackson..from a huge fan forever.. xx

  21. Hallo,

    Bild von Michael Jackson , darf ich das auf meiner HP ausstellen?
    ich würde auch dabei schreiben das das Copyright von ihnen ist.

    © was soll ich dabei schreiben? wenn ich es benutzen darf?

    Bitte ich möchte eine Andenkenseite für Michael bei mir machen, ich war und bin
    ein großer Fan von ihm, meine HP ist noch im Aufbau – Anfang Juli wollte ich Sie
    hoch laden auch mit Michael’s Seite.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen Gaby aus Langenhagen/Hannover

    Bitte um Ihr nachricht

  22. To Michael Jackson – you are the most amazing person we have had the honor of idolizing. you served as an inspiration to many of us and graced us with your brillance. I am very fortunate to have been able to learn from you, as you will forever be the biggest God given talent we will ever see. You are it Michael Jackson. May you rest with our Lord, you are home. This place no longer deserves you, you have served your entire purpose and I hope that you understand, it is deeper than you know. As a starving professional dancer myself… thank you. I appreciate everything you have done for all of us and I respect you beyond imaginable. You are the man of all men and we are blessed to have had the honor of watching someone so heaven sent and gifted. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON… I assure you, you are in a much better place, away from all the speculation and heartache. you are home with your maker and you made our world brighter. you will never be forgotten.

    1. Bailey – thank you so much for a superb comment, made my eyes water. You are so very right, this man was and will always be the superlative, the most astounding talent that has ever graced the stage and our hearts and too genle a soul for the malign entourage that surrounded him.
      Bless you, Michael. You have a home in our hearts forever. Love you with my whiole being. Rest with the angels, God’s gift!

  23. I’m sad lost hurt and confused still cant believe that your gone just last week you were preparing for what was to be the biggest tour in history and now…your gone. While I may not have seemed like it having none of your cd’s to show for it. I was your biggest fan, you were my icon in a life growing up of sadness without a father or a mother i had my grandparents and music and by music i meant you. Growing up musically you were all i knew all i wanted to know and all i could hear. Music is a part of my soul and my soul died two days ago. Wednesday June 25 2009, is a day that will live in history perhaps on an even greater scale than September 11 2001. It wasn’t the loss of thousands or even hundreds it was just the lost of one. One man that affected the world like no other a man only second to Jesus himself a man who is without a doubt the most well loved human being in the history of the world. June 25 2009 is the day the music died the day the world came to a stop one man made the world stop. The world with all of its bs managed to stop for a day and morn the loss of one man who changed everything. I love you so much i can’t even describe it in words crying my eyes out as i type this accepting the fact that your gone. i can’t help but realize that your not dead and that you can never die. Michael Jackson is music everyone says hes just a man but he isn’t a man hes music from 5 to 50 he lived breathed and slept music. Michael cant die because he is music and music lives forever he is the physical form of the most powerful thing in the world music and his touched more people than anyone else’s ever will and ever could Michael lived to perform and to bring music to us and he died so that he could show us how in his absence music brings us together as a world and that together music can heal the world… i love you Michael you were my idol and watcher as a child my secret love as a teenager and now that i’m an adult and your no longer with me you’ll be my guide into the future thank you so much for being one of the few people that have been their for me by my side my entire life i love you god’s speed my friend may you rest well

  24. michael ur going to to be missed so badly i still cnt get over the fact that ur not here anymore i love u so so much ur the best singer and dancer there ever was…. may god bless your soul and i dont care what people say about u..all i know is u’ll aways be alive in my heart ur a legend and legends never die x x x x luv u loads x x ull always be rememberd in evry generation x

  25. May God Bless Michael Jackson! His music was the soundtrack of my youth. He was an unparalleled Artist, and Performer! Despite all his quirks, he was a good person. No allegations were ever proven against him, and he was chastised unfairly by the media and public. I think he just loved kids and wanted to make their childhoods, better than his was. May God watch over his children and family. R.I.P King of Pop

  26. Can you update this. He died a few days ago. I feel sorry for his family. His kids now do not have a father, and his mother seems histerical. dFans have made littel mounuments to him. I heard his doctor had something to do with hid death. Reply if there is any update on this.
    Rest in Peace Micheal Jackson.

  27. Michael… like your song you sang for Ryan White, I feel like your gone too soon. Although, God has his reasons why he had to call one of his angels home (you). You longer have to cry… you don’t have to hurt inside any more. You gave the world so much of yourself…love, peace, music, dance, a reason to smile, a reason to laugh, and yes a reason to cry. I can’t tell you how much you’ve meant to me and so many people. You will truely be missed… not only because of your hollywood status, but because of your true character, which everything about you was compassion and love. To your loving family, your beautifull children and closest friends… my heart goes out to you all… may God bless you and easy your pain… his pain is no more… he’s with our Lord and Saviour. While we’re still here on Earth Micheal’s memory(s) will live on forever filling our hearts with joy, peace, unity, laughter… through dance and song… even with just a thought. Everone be blessed and live each day like it’s your last… and cherish each moment with God in your heart.

  28. “Micheal Jackson” the Ruler A confident energetic Dancer not Just the king Of pop but also a person who ruled billions of heats Sir Jackson u r invincible u r immortal u will be rememberd forever more than a revolutionist.. Today we have Not just Lost a Dancer but a Master a perfectionist….today its the end of an era in the world of pop but its the
    begining or rather of a new dimension in the world of Dancing..
    be loved Micheal JAckson
    May u r soul rest in peace………..

  29. muy triste todo sto gracias x esos belos monetos y siempre estara vivo xq te recordaremos con mucho amor y respeto por kien fuiste EL REY DEL POP TE MO MICHAEL


  31. michael jacson

    fuiste lo mjor

    es para mi muy doloroso

    esta partida tuya
    pero el mindo tiene k segir jirando
    y recuerda kte estrañaremos

    por forever


  32. Michael, you will be missed by so many. You are truely an insparation to so many. My thoughs and prayers are with your family. RIP. From the time I was 10 until the day I die, I will always be a fan of yours.

  33. It is a hug shock to lose such a fantastic artist, I hope you will be happier in death than you were on life…

  34. michael, we love you. rest in peace in heaven. a place where you will forever feel accepted and loved. no more pain. no more tears. no more judgements. you will live forever in our hearts…

  35. Michael was such a sweet angel and was so much more of a person than just a person who had music in his heart. He also had caring giving and love in his heart. And unfortunately, a lot of people were too closed-minded to realize that.
    RIP, sweet angel.

  36. although u r no longer in this world…………..
    but u will always in my heart…FOREVER…….
    NO ONE can replace a star like u……………..

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